Skins on Sale with Unfair Price Distribution

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I'm not talking about the two 'new' skins that have a 27% price reduction or odyssey kayn with a 25% price reduction, since it's a legendary skin... This is fine. I'm talking about the other skins. As you can see, we've got 3 normal skins that are sold for less than half of the original price and we've got 3 skins that are sold for more than their original price. 3:3 seems fair huh? But wait, what is this... While 3 of those skins that have a lower price than usually if they would go on sale have 5%, 5% and 10% more off, the skins that are sold for less than usually are 10%, 15% and 20% less off (When 50% is the base number). So if we combine the numbers we've got 20% more off (yeyy!) and 45% less off (booo!). I recommend to balance the numbers next sale better and maybe to choose more fitting skins to go away for more or less RP. Since, if I remember correctly, Blood Moon Zilean is a 4-year old skin which only sells for 30% while Demon Vi is a relatively new skin which sells for a stunning 55%. P.S. Only got angered of the shop cause I really wanted Blood Moon Zilean for a long time now, but now I can't buy it cause it doesn't seem worth for that price.
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