Why is there no West Coast server?

If California has the most people out of any state, and Hawaii has no good server to connect to, why is the Latin America South server in Florida, and the North American server in Illinois? The overwhelming majority of Americans live in coastal cities, so why is the NA server at the middle-top (Look up where Chicago is if you're not sure) of the U.S. and 2000+ miles away from the state with the highest number of players? The Illinois server should be the Canadian/mid-west server and the Florida server needs English support as you can only select Spanish as a language on that server, despite the fact that it's in the United States, and why are the Latin America North and Brazil servers so close together? Also California needs a server so Hawaiians can get better ping, and Texas can have the option of using LAS, and the west coast server that doesn't exist yet. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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