Riot Games actually have no clue what they are doing anymore

It is quite obviously clear on a patch by patch basis that they have **no** clue whatsoever what they are doing with this game anymore. They have created OP champion after OP champion and now the game feels so incredibly unhealthy to play (especially in ranked) that I have since given up on playing it, especially when they remove incredibly fun (planned permanent) modes like Nexus Blitz. Instead of nerfing and adjusting those champions, their response is to buff everything else up. Then they make changes to items in the same patch, while also making changes to the runes/mastery system and expect it to not have wide range effects? What I am here to discuss is that the game used to have some semblance of balance and felt overall a **lot** more rewarding to play. It's a well known fact that Tencent own Riot Games completely and ultimately (one can assume) they get the final say in what goes into the game or not and the focus, like every big name company, has turned from creating something that players enjoy, to maximizing accessibility of all skill levels/ages and maximizing profit. There is very little, if any gain in trying to form constructive posts criticizing them for their decisions. Your opinion doesn't matter if it doesn't translate into profit and your efforts will be all but wasted. You know, we get it. PVP games with so many champions are definitely hard to balance, however.. **CREATING BULLSHIT {{champion:518}} CHAMP {{champion:555}} AFTER {{champion:164}} BULLSHIT {{champion:517}} CHAMP {{champion:142}} WITH {{champion:141}} OVERLOADED KITS THAT REQUIRE VERY LITTLE SKILL TO PLAY IS NOT HEALTHY IN TERMS OF LONGEVITY, THEN BUFFING/REWORKING {{champion:84}} THE {{champion:39}} CRAP {{champion:10}} OUT {{champion:6}} OF {{champion:3}} EVERY OTHER CHAMPION TO MAKE THEM AS BULLSHIT AS THE NEW CHAMPIONS YOU MADE IS ALSO NOT HEALTHY AND CREATES EVEN MORE BALANCE ISSUES, AND THEN SOMEHOW FAILING TO REALIZE THAT CERTAIN CHAMPIONS ARE FLAT OUT BUSTED {{champion:67}} YET LEAVING THEM IN WAYS THAT ARE INCREDIBLY {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} UNHEALTHY FOR THE GAME FOR EXTENDED (ANOTHER FEW THAT COME TO MIND AT VARIOUS POINTS IN LEAGUES PATCH CYCLES ARE {{champion:3}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} ) PERIODS OF TIME AND IGNORING THE OBVIOUSLY GLARING ISSUES WITH ITEMS LIKE {{item:2420}} SHOWS A COMPLETE LACK OF COMPETENCY **. Put up all your pseudo-science bullshit, your statistics and whatever you want like trying to reinforce your decision for removing bans from ARAM and dishing out damage related adjustments when you **COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT OF CERTAIN CHAMPIONS BEING OP IN ARAM NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR DAMAGE, BUT BECAUSE THEIR KITS IN ONE SINGULAR LANE ARE INFINITELY STRONGER THAN OTHER CHAMPIONS KITS FOR OBVIOUS REASONS**. Many streamers have went on record to say that they no longer enjoy playing League of Legends because of the direction the game has taken but they still play it because it pays their bills. Does this mean that they are the be all and end all, and where we should base all of our information off of? No, definitely not. However it is definitely a clear indicator of the poor direction the game is heading. The only thing I am going to end with is that it's always sad when companies get bought out by others for the sole intent of maximizing profit, but this game is one that I once loved and now it is a major source of negativity now more than ever due to the toxic, unfun and uninteractive BS champs and/or strategies like Funneling, inting sion, or Iceborn Gauntlet Viktor make this game incredibly unfun to play which is the result of a complete lack of direction or common sense when taking the game forward. The saddest aspect of all of this is that the game for the most part has progressed to a point where without extensive patches and adjustments to just about the entire roster over a long period of time, the game will remain in this state and potentially just continue to get worse.
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