Crimson Akali to Infernal Akali is bad business

> We have the right to delete, alter, move, remove, or transfer any and all Game Content—including Virtual Goods—in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you. - > > Terms of Use, Section 4.3. This sort of thing is pretty common for online games, because this sort of stuff does change as things are added, removed, patched out, etc. Fair enough. You have your CYA position. I paid for Crimson Akali. I want Crimson Akali. There is a general reasonableness that has to be expected with a change such as this. "This sort of thing is pretty common," but not when it is executed this poorly. This is something else. I understand changing character mechanics. I understand updating a character model and subsequently the skins that go along with it. But to COMPLETELY REMOVE a purchased cosmetic item arbitrarily is bogus. The replacement is nowhere near fair for a number of reasons. Blood Moon Akali would at least have made *some* sense, but it's still not the item I purchased and used for years. This is bad business. I now see you are willing to basically do "bait and switch" if this degree of poor logic is reasonable to you. I can't trust my purchases there and will be keeping my wallet closed to you henceforth.
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