We want Elderwood Skins! When do we want em? NOW!

Hey Riot, seeing as now we're getting another brand new skin line of Blood Moon I love it. They look great I'm super hyped and you guys did an awesome job. I'm not here to say you guys did a bad job with the skins amazing work as always BUT WHERE ARE MY ELDERWOOD SKINS The last Elderwood skin we got was LeBlanc and that was barely after I started playing this game like 2-3 years ago. People love the elderwood skinline and it is one of the most used concepts for fan created skins or skin concepts. Why not pull the idea out of the closet we're kind of tired with all the futuristic/modern skins with KDA and Mecha stuff. Elderwood is a great breakaway from all that! C'mon Riot let's get some elderwood skins <3! (p.s. Please for the love of God make an elderwood event to go with it it'd be amazing)
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