Stupid LP system

This is concerning being unranked and playing my first 10 games I'm getting offrole or autofilled 50% of my games and when i'm autofilled i don't get a large LP gain to ANY role, including the autofilled role, doesn't even show up as a role i'm ranked in or splash LP for so last season i end high gold, this season i'm 9/0 and still at bronze 2 as my highest rank because i'm never getting my main role, so instead of getting like 50 LP and jumping forward to get back to close to where i was, i'm getting auto filled, winning, NOT getting 40-50 LP in any role, and getting 12 LP in my main role, and 4 LP in other roles as splash, how the FUCK is that a possibility? holy crap this is bad, i'm going to have to play like 3x the games to get even one role just into gold even, god forbid i try to push further
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