Official GDer Tier List (Thanksgiving 2017 Edition)

**Infamous Tier** Iaw Shaella Duckin Sicks Homer Simpson Phane Sorter Orbital Dropkick Bad Footwear Maximum Le Broken Heal Team 6 Athene Rackier Spork I See Stars EzrealWright TeeVeeBag Brandon Pleep Furi Kuri Angler Jax Baconstr1pz RenektonIRL DeathyxDeathy VampireKid XJ9 **Famous Tier** Yenn Hashinshin HateDaddy KiteAzure Janna F Kennedy CaristinnQT Silas Kroeger Dyrus ImaQTpie Frosthaven Tundra Fizz RenektonBot AnnieBot Haunt IreliaCarriesU Malza LeviathanElite KirbyCake Krizonar Pendragon bu2b Katey Khaos Critkeeper 41Noob Ezskillshot ManDudeMcDudeMan Von Groopah IonCannonKarthus Charles Barklius Commando Yi GlobDaBlob Nunuman77 **Veteran Tier** Jaymc1130 WhiteUranium CLG Ear SupaDevilJuice Cynicatt My Pet Dinosaur Jikker A Swarm Of Koala Friendly Ram Kinkou Order Red Pannda JPLangley Myrmiron Vuldread ChickenWrap PimpStickNasus DotEleven PowerBurger Freezer Flare Fisherman Fizz 2ndChance IAintDarius Chermog ZenithEevee A Bad Varus Blue Vest Guy Evangele DragonTroopBeta Clock Codes JustJangle Zastie TheRiddium Scary Door Meta Cosmos Wile E Coyote TheGoddessBell NeedGold4Tent TwitchInMyPants Mymyamiaou Zastie **Spirit Tier** Pluto Nash Cordelia Overlord Malz Actually Dyrus Maximum Riven Maximum Shyvana Maximum Sayaka Maximum Tibbers Maximum Viktor??? Medium Katarina Lacey Casper ZioticX Gigabreaker88 Chaoyo Arcdrivefinish IronAngel2003 Withthegoodrice Yokazo Reinfox Gsai SquishyTentacles FlamingoFondue SirSaltALot Wicked Lulu Aliceandria Best Khazix Void Sadistic Lulu CopyPasterino KaellrusQT Antimage Currymancer Llama Senpei Kiyoish Enosetc??? MissWakeNBake Dances CaptainJackSparrow Jakojo **Floof Tier** Vei Lord Dusteon Fate Fire **Sheriff Tier** Col J **Closet Weeb Toast Tier** Latitoast **Crusader Tier** Chibi Templar **Pie Tier** Splendid Pie **Spotty Tier** Spotty **Meme Tier** Laughing Fish **Doge Tier** Laughup02 **Cigars For Dragons Tier** SharbyQue **Buff Boobs Tier** Busty Demoness **Blake Tier** Akali is SO HOT **Doodler Tier** Besteau **Comrade Tier** PartaPanda12 **Absolute Best GDer History Tier** Leaf of the Lake **Definitely Gay Tier** Taric the Gay **Crab Person Tier** That Urgot **Signature Tier** Lucky **Excellent Tier** Linna Excel **Unknown Lurker Tier** Nicc **Fallen Homies Tier** The Curator Puff Pastry **Too Lazy To Post On Thanksgiving Tier** HowDoYouMeta ThatEvelynn ChristmasEvelynn SonaXRubbick Zantheus Rockman ChaoticBanana TheDjinn Attysu the Poro KempyreanPirate DJ Hatsune Miku Ralanr Echoing BFNA FurorNexis Daen Deep Terror Nami Elduris Explorer Ez Wuks Ulanopo FaceTheWin SwordSaint DemonEmpress Arduno BetterBanSona Crabby Pony Montana zkOx Kloqdq Player Vehicle _Ok trying to remember all these names is hard, it's thanksgiving, time to enlist some help_. If you would like to have your name added to the veteran list please post in this thread to prove you are indeed still here and are not just a spirit. If you have other additions to the other tiers please inform me of who I am missing so I can add them to the appropriate tier. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (I have a feeling I'll be updating this as time permits today, but I will get to it in pieces.)
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