RIP. Riot is now 100 percent owned by China.

RIP Riot. Now that a company in China managed to purchase 100 percent of Riot game's share... League of Legend will no longer be an American game and possibly won't be as enjoyable as it was before. As you can see, Lol championship 2017 will be held in China as somewhat of a celebration of owning Riot games and league of legend. Skins in the store started to focus more on champions such as master yi and xin xao and suddenly awful lot of chinese characters started to appear in worlds web series. Matter of fact, Riot games CHINA will be remaking xin xao (for no god damn reason) and make china related skins of Janna and Yi. quick question tho. How the f did yall manage to loose an ownership of a company which made roughly a 1billion dollars last year to a chinese company? are you out of your mind?
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