Elderwood Nocturne Chroma's are still unfinished, meanwhile TD Ekko gets a skin update

For those unaware, Ekko's True Damage skin recently had the hairline texture updated post release almost a week after it comes out, not only that, but Riot held back on releasing his last chroma because they wanted to do adjustments. Meanwhile, Elderwood Nocturne's chroma's have remained unfinished since they released on August 29th with no word of them getting fixed or progress on them being fixed. Last time I made a post regarding this, I was told that small fixes and changes are typically put on low priority and get fixed later. But this is pure favoritism at this point. You're telling me that TD Ekko needing his receding hairline patched up was a major issue that required immediate priority over a Elderwood Nocturne's entire chroma set being unfinished. Now, I might be talking out of my ass here, but let me be honest, the motion to make the change to TD Ekko was of monetary value, and the need to fix Elderwood Nocturne chroma's was monetarily unrewarding for Riot. 2 months ago I sent in a ticket where I was told that the team was aware of the problem and were working on a solution, it's still yet to have been fixed, and not only that, the chroma's being displayed in the shop for the skin are visually misleading players into thinking the smoke on top of his head changes colors with the chroma's, when in fact it still has the base smoke. It's still not fixed, and at this point I don't think it will be. I mean, logically, FIXING a broken chroma line that was displaying the incorrect colors on part of it's rigging should be much easier then changing looks of TD Ekko. I mean, how many chroma's have been released without this issue, and it just so happens to be this one just has some unknown problem with it that is being "worked on."
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