qiyana new skin angry rant

i am so pissed about the skins that she get that come out. when i see qiyana based off lore its comes across like she Egyptian kinda but in a Forrest like environment cause, she lives near shurima. so why in-game every skin she gets now her completion gets darker and darker. in game rn with true damage skin, she is a full-on black woman with darker skin that makes her whole outfit look awful cause she is wearing bright color hair and bright color jacket with deep darker skin and together it just makes all of it clash. IDK she looks awful and doesn't come off like qiyana at all. the whole outfit looks like a joke compared to the other members of this group. it seems the least amount of work put into it. whoever. in the splash art she least in some way LOOK like qiyana. game she looks far from the splash art and looks worse. in game she looks god, super dark pigment with bright clothes and hair, tbh she looks like what me and my friends would call ghetto because how hard her skin and colors clash that's on her rn. why can't you guys just use her base skin color for all her skins. she are you making her black now instead of her being like and Egyptian tan type skin? i also dont like that they chamge akali from japanese to Korean and make the skin color on her new skin reflect that like why? i dont want a whole race change when skins for my fav characvters come out . i feel disappointed as i was excited for the skins until i saw how awful qiyana looks in game compared to the rest of the cool looking team. please fix this and make her feel like qiyana, atleast return her orginal skin color back, tbh its not even a black person skin color its looks like a yucky brown color like brown olive oil green and no human is that color.
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