So, what'd I miss?

After the recent... Riot event, I felt a need to separate myself for a bit. Let's not talk about that. Let's talk about after that. I havent played League since then. How's the meta? What's OP and UP? Is it time I'll get flamed if I try to bring a melee bot again? How are people on GD? As for me, I'm hopin' to maybe get a game or two of League in soon. Been kinda busy on my end, Mythic progression in one Guild is enough but now I'm in two Mythic guilds and woo does that take a bit out of you. I got kinda annoyed with Hearthstone's all around game design choices (and have been for a while), and actually just recently got back into the Pokemon TCG again. Honestly it's kinda impressive how that game is still in an amazing spot. I guess taking a break from League for a bit helped though, and playing various other types of games (PvE, 1v1 PvP, and other various designs) made me kinda think more on what may or may not lead to toxicity. I might have to make an essay on that or something. But yea. What about you guys? Sorry for bein' kinda silent. Edit: Yikes, sorry for asking?
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