Yet another NB3 thread (A small point I'd like to make about Nubrac)

So I've seen people say that regardless of NB3, Nubrac was deserving of a ban "because teemo mid support is trolling and greifing". So I decided to take a look at Nubrac's match history. I filtered by ranked, and teemo games to see what those looked like: Judging by {{item:3098}}, I'm going to go ahead and assume those are all teemo support games. Now yes, there are a lot of losses. But there are also a few decent winning streaks. It seems strange to me that someone who is intent of trolling/greifing would win on and off rather than lose exclusively. Now I'm not going to say its not a bit of a troll pick, but strange picks do happen. I remember not too long ago when mages bot lane instead of ADCs was no longer a troll pick. And I'd be willing to bet there was someone in masters "trolling" by doing so until people found that it worked. Now I'm not saying teemo support mid is the next big thing, I think the number of losses shows its not very effective. But I do think its normal for players to try new things, especially in masters. Because you never know when a troll pick might become meta defining. That being said, if anything its not very fair to an ADC to not tell them you're not supporting them bot lane, since that might affect their pick. But seeing how people react to the pick, it doesn't surprise me that someone doing something like that wouldn't inform their team. There's a big difference between running it down mid, and playing something in an unconventional way. Even if that unconventional way is not effective. And I think that if players can be banned for doing things that are not effective, that would lead to some real problems. I'd rather not get to the point where playing something other than the flavor of the month champions becomes a ban-able offense. I'd rather not get to the point where being bad at the game, or being new to the game, or learning a champion, or having a bad couple games, or even simply trying to innovate becomes a ban-able offence. Personally I don't care about NB3 or other streamers. But I think its a fine line to walk between innovation and ruining the game for other people. And I sincerely hope that players aren't being banned based solely on what streamers think. After all it's my understanding that people in masters are pretty good at the game, to put it lightly. I wouldn't be so quick to assume someone would put in the effort to get that ranking just to then troll, especially when their match history doesn't seem to reflect a desire to lose. That's my rant on the subject, just to address those who don't care about the potentially unfair bias "because it was a justified ban".
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