What to do with a smurf after you're done with it?

Some time ago I got nostalgic, and wanted to experience the level-up from 1 to 30 again. Also, I was curious about how the new player experience changed. So, I created a smurf and leveled it up. I've had my fun (explaining the ropes to new players was interesting, and hard carrying seemingly lost games vs intermediate bots was actually neat), and my curiosity is sated. Now though I have a problem: what should I do with that smurf account? 1. Sell it? I'm pretty sure that would be against the terms and conditions; besides, I doubt anyone would be interested in that account even if selling it was allowed. 2. Ask RIOT to delete it? It does feel like a waste; besides, would RIOT even do that in the first place? 3. Leave it lingering about? How is that different (for me) from getting it deleted? 4. Ask for a merge? Again, that account doesn't have anything worth the trouble. 5. Keep it around to dodge/make it an ARAM account/ as a backup account/etc? No, I have no need for those. Never been punished in 7 years, so I don't need an alt. I happen to like playing different champions in ARAM, so I wouldn't use an ARAM account. I don't dodge, and have no issues "trolling" on my main (if "trolling" = "playing non-meta"; not really interested in "trolling" in any other sense of the word). Maybe I'll just play its ranked placements and then ask for it to be deleted... are there any other options?
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