Someone earlier apparantly """""leaked""""" the next upcoming skins

I'm no stranger to the internet so I know any and all leaks are 98% bullshit and have no basis or evidence to back them up. But this one is strange because I've not only seen it multiple times on different sites, but that it also almost sounds real like something Riot would do. Basically here was the list. * Omega Squad Heimerdinger * Dead Alpha Urgot * Dead Alpha Sion * Arcade Ekko * Arcade Orianna * Arcade Thresh * Trancendant Nami * Sol, The Magnificent Dragon * Star Guardian Leblanc (Legendary) * Star Guardian Sona * Star Guardian Shyvana * Star Guardian Quinn * Star Guardian Zyra This was the exact list every time I saw it. They all also said that the "Dead Alpha" series would be connected to Omega Squad, basically as the enemy at war. They also said the A. Sol and Nami skins were part of the Immortal Journey line which is the same as Eternal Sword Yi, Soaring Sword Fiora, and Sacred Sword Janna. So any thoughts? Theories? Any of these seem plausible? TBH Heimer seems like the most believable one here.
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