Preseason changes just scream EARLY GAME and even shorter matches.

While I of course like some of the changes like the removal of Shojin, there are some glaring problems in my opinion though i'll have to see when these changes actually come. Regardless I think that many of these changes just cause the game to be more one-sided than matches already are. Whats basically been said is that since they are making Dragon so broken now, they also compensate by possibly letting a team have 2 heralds in one game. Both the new insane buffs from dragon ESPECIALLY at the 4th dragon and a possible 2 Heralds for one team just makes me afraid just how fast games will be ending. Sure, at the earliest time the 4th dragon could be completed at around 20 minutes, but this is still mid-game at most where a clear winning team is typically already decided especially when you can get 2 heralds by then. The map changes from each dragon make me feel like it will ALSO aid teams that are already winning allowing them more things to abuse since they have map domination. Elder Immolation seems like another buff to teams that are already winning hard enough where they simply execute people from the damage they are already doing, ESPECIALLY assassins. It really seems like we are gearing up for another assassin/damage meta from more lethality items and even a bonus at 2 items? They mentioned trying to bring tanks back into being useful but i dont think removing true damage on Conqueror will suddenly bring them back when you could just play an assassin next season. The added brushes make me even more scared of getting one-shot by assassins as its in quite a dangerous spot especially for junglers getting invaded on. The most glaring issue especially since i play Top lane the most is that while they did buff their XP(which is also a buff to mid-lane anyway?), they still have a big problem with dealing with ranged laners, especially certain ones. Nothing in these preseason notes points to having fairer matchup against many ranged champions besides Klepto changes, however theres plenty oppressive champions in top lane who dont even use Klepto. I dont understand the Conqueror changes as a way to bring tanks back because Press the Attack is already dealing tons more damage top early and even mid-game in duels. It boggles my mind why the forums constantly cry about Conqueror while PtA surely trumps it for a good while, while Conqueror only is better in extended fights/team fights and NOT early game. Conqueror has only been a big problem on a small group of champions who can abuse it, which is simply Riot's fault for letting them. Most recently, they literally gave Garen the option to use Conqueror on E spins which makes absolutely no sense if you are trying to shift power away from Conqueror in pre-season too. All in all, I basically fear that these changes just scream one-sided games and early dominance even more than this season. If you are trying to make tanks useable again, making the game early-mid game focused is not the way to do it. I may just be fear-mongering because of how terrible this season was, but its just that im so used to bad balance changes by now. I mean just look at Shaco and Garen, how did they even get through PBE when we have enough broken champions to deal with? As a side-note, regardless of the changes they make, I dont think the balance team will ever change in the way that its impossible for them to not make a new/reworked champions broken. Fingers crossed though. POWER CREEP IS REAL.
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