They'll ridicule you, hate u for doing wats right...Is this really the path u wanna take int sion?

(*Darth Karto voice narrator*) They will ridicule you, hate you for doing what's right in an objectives game. Yet you will destroy every tower in your warpath and create infinite pressure... win games But being called a feeder and griefer Is this really the path you wanna take inting Sion? (*Sion being killed many times by top laner only to respawn again to take more towers*) *end of game* Top laner {{champion:75}} ...Did I lose? {{champion:75}} I can feel nothing... ((25/6/2)) {{champion:14}} You're still here. You really are the mvp. {{champion:75}} The reddit post held true... This really was a hard fought battle. {{champion:14}} Ya... hard fought. Sure was. You clobbered me in lane. ((0/20/0)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:75}} ... You lie. You were holding back and watching anime in the background, werent you...? {{champion:75}} I never stood a chance to win this game... ((25/6/2)) {{champion:75}} It wasn't even a battle... you were just afking running it down top... hehe {{champion:75}} So much for tactics anyway... reddit posts are the way to go... It is just, too broken... {{champion:75}} ~~Saitama~~ Inting Sion...
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