Man, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but Gold I - Plat IV promos feel STACKED against me.

Every single match I'm either off-role, or I have someone with a negative winrate (I'm talking like 40% here, not just unlucky streak 49.5% or something, that's fine, these people I'm getting are legit just checked out completely and are probably on the verge of a mental breakdown), or autofilled jungler, or someone just straight up trolling. I can't even dodge when I'm in the lobby and things look bad because it's a guaranteed loss and it's better to just play it out but... C'mon Riot, it's fine, give me bad teammates, that's fine, whatever challenge and all that, but don't put me off role. I'm only in promos because I'm one-tricking Kat, anything else and I'm not comfortable enough to focus on my macro, I have to worry about my item builds and skill orders and pathing (for jungle,) combos, etc. I don't get why off-role in promos is even a thing. Seriously, give me all the bad trolly teammates you want, don't care, but at least give me the tools I need to TRY and carry them. Nobody should EVER be off-role in promos. Period. The really stupid part is I'm getting queue times around 1 minute, which is great right? No. Because it means I'm off-role again. Really high elo players wait in queue for 10+ minutes to get a fair match, why are you rushing my matches? You seriously can't just tack on another 2 minutes to let me play my main role? I don't think it's that big of a deal honestly. I watch YouTube in queue and it would be nice to have a little more time to check out whatever video before the queue pops anyway.
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