Riot PLEASE do something about Grasp Gangplank

i don't know how many of you are toplaners, the few of you who experienced this know what i'm talking about. So, Gp's Q cost almost nothing, he can get the biscuits, curropting pots and farm his 1050 gold for the Sheen without running out of mana. Laning vs Grasp Gp means that he'll spam his Q on cooldown on you everytime his grasp stack is up, every 5-6 secs, for the entire laning phase. And it's not even a matchup like let's say Mordekaiser - Jax, where me as Jax have to patiently farm under turret and get bullied by him but once i finish Shojin and trinity i can at least outscale him, so my patience was worth. No. Gp outscales 80% of the champs he lanes against. So you get bullied in lane and get bullied mid and late game. Because he can spam Q non-stop on you. Riot, you nerfed Sejuani Akali and Irelia to the ground because "oh they're picked too much in competitive". Cool. Do something for us common mortals now.
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