Please, stop giving riot money

Listen, this will get me a lot of hate...and I'm doubting this will get a lot of attention, but if it does, hear me out... This game is in a piss poor state ATM, Damage is too high, riot is pushing out a new champ every 2-4 weeks, drastic item changes every month or 2, this is not okay, additionally we have 3+ skins being shoved down our throats every 2 weeks, now I won't deny skins are cool, but sacrifices must be made to get a message through to riot, they need to understand that if they refuse to keep the game in a balanced and fun state (the whole purpose of video games is for entertainment, being held hostage for 20 minutes because Ahri is running around 10/0 within the first 10 minutes, isn't entertaining, it's actually extremely stressful, but leaving will result in a harsh punishment), then they will no longer have revenue...all we need to do is stop giving them fucking money until they take the time to fix the game, not release more irelia's and yasuo's, not release another teemo or ahri skin, but actually fix the balance issues, So please, if you can, pass this message on, and let's get a message to riot
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