GP needs a buff

GP is a scaling champ , his early game is the worst , his mid game is when he starts to deal some dmg , his late game is a god like or at least that is what it should be. but since the IE change his late game dmg became 50% less and 20% true dmg is useless on him so IE became pretty bad item for gp AND GP CAN'T SCALE WITHOUT CRIT so people started using different builds on him with the most popular build being : full armor pen with stormrazer but the problem with this build that it doesn't actually scale . it's trash vs anyone that have more than 2k hp gp became do or die type of champ but 100 times harder than any champ of this type , you either hit your double e and deal around 800-1100 dmg to at least one person then you got another e but if they got more than 2k or life steal you would already be dead cuz everyone in late game oneshots and they aren't gonna sit there and watch you place ur e i don't play a champ that literally doesn't exist in the laning phase *he can still be descent in some matchups * to just have everyone outscale me! while with old full crit build you could face tank a fiora and place ur e while attacking her to deal more dmg and make sure you win the 1vs1, IT WASN'T THE ONLY SOURCE OF DMG LIKE IT IS RIGHT NOW . GP'S AUTOATTACKS USED TO MELT PEOPLE DOWN . NOW HIS AA IS A GODDAMN JOKE. now you might say but rapgod why don't you just build full crit so ur aa deal dmg . I FUCKING CAN'T THE BUILD TAKES TOO LONG TO GET AND DEALS 50% DMG LESS and it's not even about games ending too fast just imagine having 50% of ur dmg cut down after 30+ min of getting fucking dicked do you remember how every single adc player *+ yasuo players * bitched about the IE change till riot buffed their skills dmg or their ad scaling ? well gp got jack shit. wasn't it enough to make his q cost 60 lvl one? with this tiny ass mana pool ? or wasn't it enough to make the only tool that prevent gp from feeding his ass off last half it's original time? *talking about his e * wasn't it enough that his ult is a goddamn joke since you removed thunderlord? what kind of an ult deals 105 dmg lvl 1 - the target's mr WITH A FUCKING 3 MIN CD LIKE LITERALLY IT'S ONLY USE TO KILL PEOPLE WITH 1 HEALTH LEFT OR JUST TO GET AN ASSIST LOL. BTW i know his poke in lane might be annoying , but it's only annoying cuz grasp is fucking broken as fuck and gp's q without the grasp is shit since you get doran's shield and boom you regenerate everything back now. now now riot games can you DO FUCKING SOMETHING ? HOW LONG IS IT BEEN? 6+ MONTHS ? AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH GP YET!
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