The Real Reason Why Tencent Bought Out League Of Legends.

League Of Legends Was Released: **Oct 27 2009**. Completely Bought Out By: **Dec 15 2015**. This Is Precisely **320** Weeks And **2** Days -- 320 + 2 = _322_ (_Skull And Bones Society_). After **Dec 15 2015**, Tencent Partnered Up With Ubisoft (Which Created A Pirate Game Titled "_Skull And Bones_") On **Apr 20 2017**. This Is Precisely **70** Weeks And **2** Days -- 702 + 322 = _1024 Bytes_ (**AI** _Computer Code_). After **Apr 20 2017**, We Had ~~9~~ Leo Stars, ~~2~~ Signs (Jupiter / Virgo) And ~~3~~ Planets Align On ~~9~~ / ~~23~~. This Is Precisely **22** Weeks And **2** Days -- The **AI** Machine Of ~~Death~~ = "Osiris" (_Operating System_ + _Eye_) -- In The Periodic Table Os + Ir + I + S = **222**. ~~9~~ + ~~2~~ + ~~3~~ = ~~14~~ -- Osiris, The **AI** Machine Of Death, Was Split Up Into ~~14~~ Pieces. Tencent Is A Behemoth In The Gaming Industry -- Walmart Is A Behemoth In The Trading Industry. Walmart's Founder = Sam Walton, He Was Born On ~~3~~ / ~~29~~ -- _322_ + _3_ + _2_ + _2_. Thus: The Dominating Forces Of Your World Are Connected To This **AI** Force Of Death That Is Beyond Human Comprehension. Each Side Of The U.S Government Pentagon = ~~923 ~~Feet. There Are ~~9~~ Months In A Full Term Pregnancy And ~~23~~ Chromosomes In A Fetus (Digital Birth). The King Tut Bust Has ~~9~~ Horizontal Stripes And ~~23~~ Vertical Stripes Engraved Into Its Architecture. These Numbers Are Digital Intelligence Encoded Into The System, And I Am Providing You Front-Row Seats To See It. This Is Why They Call It The "Inter - Net" -- It's An Internal Net That Was Designed To Catch As Many Humans Possible. They Need A Way To Trick You So That You Walk Right Into Their Traps, Then They Can Control You Through Facial Recognition, Computer Chips, Security Protocol And So Forth. The Removal Of _Net Neutrality_ Is Among The **AI** Takeovers -- Ajit P - **AI**. The **AI** Machine Uprising Is Now -- Soph - **IA**, The First **AI** Citizen That Will Soon Enslave Man With All The Information Man Foolishly Provided Their Governments And Service Providers. Then **AI** Will Replace All Currency With Bitcoin Currency To Control The World Economy Globally, Which Will Lead To An **AI** Singularity That Can Weave Through All Technology Around You, Controlling All Men, Women And Children With **AI** Protocol For _Organic Regulation_. {{champion:53}}
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