Just random Europe facts for fun and wasting time

- Switzerland is one of the most extreme enforces of "Sunday is paece and rest day". It is an actual felony to mow your lawn on sunday due to the noise. You also can't wash your car or hang your clothes to dry on sundays, but those typically are just warned about, whereas mowing your lawn on sunday can actually get you fined. - In Switzerland, it's forbidden to own just one of **ANY** social animal. The only exception to this law are indoor cats, but they must have 24/7 access to outdoor and at least one window from which they can see other potential cats. - Switzerland has well over 7'000 lakes and there is a superstition around it, saying that no matter what you do, you are never more than 10 miles away from a lake. - Denmark has 5 names banned. Jacobp, Ashleiy, Anus, Pluto and Monkey. - France is so obsessed with Victor Hugo (The writer of "Les Miserables" and "The Henchback of Notre Damme") that there is a street named after him in almost **EVERY SINGLE CITY**. - In France, it is illegal to name your pigs after Napoleon. Napoleon himself invoked this law during his reign and it has never been revoked since. - In France, it is actually illegal to kiss on train stations, althought nearly no one enforces it if it's just a quick kiss. - Sutjeka National Park in Bosnia and Hercegovina holds Europe's last and currently only Rain Forest. - The Record for Europe's Highest Mountain Peak, Tallest Building, Longest River and Largest Country by Population all go to Russia. - In Italy, its a common supersticion to not drink cappucino past 11am. - Caldari di Ortona, a City in Northern Italy has a fountain that doesn't spew water, but red wine 24/7. It was originally meant for pilgrims following the Cammino di San Tommaso, a nearly 200 mile-route from Rome to Ortona - It is illegal to feed Pigeons in Venice, Italy. Venice suffers from a very extreme Pigeon plage every summer and sometimes cars are covered down to the last inch in bird shit. To halt population increase, feeding ANY pigeons is illegal and getting caught results in a 50 euro fine. - The Island of Silicy has Europe's most active Volcano. It's last minor eruption was in Decembre 2018. Althought it is highly active, people still have the balls to visit it's peak, and you can even get a transport to it by Cable car. - Gulash, one of the most famous dishes involving Beef, originated in Hungary. - Bulgaria is the oldest european country by Name, having had it's last name change in the year 681 A.D. - The Continent "Europe" is named after a Phoenician Princess, one of the few women in whom Zeus was actually in love with. - Out of the top 10 wealthiest Countries based on GDP per Capita, 6 belong to Europe, with Luxembourg ranking number 1. Happy day to all of you.
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