What games are you playing?

Hey all! With the end of the year approaching, as well as my chances of getting back into Diamond I wanted to take a chance to nerd out with y'all, and talk about what else you play outside of LoL. While I have spent the last 7 years playing an embarrassing amount of League, there are ton's of games that pop up in between, and you will often hear the office full of discussions related to almost any game you can think of. **So this is what my recently played looks like: ** Pyre, Mini Metro, Ruiner, Nier: Automata, Monument Valley 2, PUBG (Duh), Furi, and a board game shoutout to the Dark Souls Board Game. Alot of these were surprising gems for me. Furi blew me away with its style, and tight gameplay, literally everything you do in that game feels good. Animations are snappy, and satisfying, audio queues are so damn good you can play some fights without even looking at the screen, and the soundtrack is killer. I think my love of Mini Metro irritated RiotRanger to no end, I would spend all our downtime in between PUBG drops figuring out how to make the best train layout. (Hit 2100 on one map) Monument Valley 2, still continues to blow me away with how we can use verticallity, and perspective to create new and interesting problems for players to interact with. And the Dark Souls board game captured all the feelings I had from playing the video game, onto a table top experience perfectly. **Looking forward to: ** Gorogoa, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Cuphead, and Where the Water Tastes like Wine. GOROGOA, seriously if you like puzzle games check this out, I played an alpha version the released a few years back and feel in love with the idea of a sliding tile based puzzle. The full launch hasn't happened yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for a soon tm. I got a chance to play Where the Water Tastes like Wine at PAX Prime this year, and couldn't be more excited to spend a weekend, curled up on my couch, telling stories to people. SO WHAT CHU PLAYING?! EDIT: forgot to mention, just started a Tomb of Annihilation 5th Edition DnD campain. Ken Ku rogue life begins! Will be hoping in and out of this through out the day :p gotta get back to work. OH DAMN YOU GUYS PLAY A TON OF GAMES

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