Riot - You need to calm down a bit with Event Passes. We need a break.

It's been 3 Event Pass events back to back to back over the past couple of months, and it's getting to be a bit too much if you want to participate. Like I get that you want to run events, but maybe pace them further apart so we (who buy the passes) can have time where we're not having to devote every waking hour of our free time into an endless grind for event passes. It sucks. We have lives, and we need down time. At this pace, while I'm already committed to doing the next one to cap off my bonus Prestige Points from the pass, I don't want to participate anymore after this, because you are burning me out. So slow it down, give us a month in between to rest and just play the game normally without having to grind like serfs in a sweatshop. Chill out. When you burn out your players, you drive them away, which is counter-intuitive to what you want.
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