Prestige KDA hat

Riot Games Merch | Prestige K/DA Akali Snapback - Accessories - Other
Find your inner goddess with a blade. Prestige K/DA Akali's snapback takes your fandom to the next level with a premium white finish and raised gold details. One size fits most Circumference: 22-25 in / 55.8 - 63.5 cm </p
Okay have you guys seen this hat? It is pure fire! I found out after it was sold out and I need one! so I'm just curious is there anyone else that needs this hat like me? If so, lets show riot, so they will launch another round of hats! As far as the black and gold KDA hat goes, I would be content buying that hat instead except I hate the trucker design in the back. That mesh was a complete turn off.
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