Fully Narrated Singed Gameplay

This is a video of fully narrated top lane singed game in a mid plat ranked game. I explain every decision I make best I can and while it may not be challenger tier singed play I'm certain there will be something of value here for everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4pZrCgxQp4 It's 12 minutes long and unfortunately there is no adequate summary I can provide but most people that have seen it enjoyed all 12 minutes so hopefully you get something out of this as well. If you see any improvements yourself that I could make to playstyle or video content feel free to comment. If you do like the video remember to subscribe to the channel to find more of the same content :) Also if you haven't seen a video from me in a long time and you were subscribed already it's because youtube turned off automatic notifications to subscribers and you now have to use the bell icon at the top right of youtube to enable notifications from my channel :/
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