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Hey there! I just have one quick question about one of the Irelia animations that I have been really interested in since her teaser trailer. It is her Spell 1 into idle animation, where after she dashes with her Q, she draws her blades back behind her and then goes into her idle stance. In game though, it seems to be missing, is there a reason for that? If you aren't understanding what animation im talking about -> you can go to her Spell 1 into idle animation and see what I'm referencing, and it is in the teaser trailer as well. As of now irelia finishes her Q animation and is awkwardly already in her idle stance, in my opinion she needs that transition. I know sometimes you guys delete certain things but I would really like to know why such an amazing yet subtle animation like this may be scrapped. Thanks! Also if you go to her Champion Update page -> and go to her Q ability, it is shown there as well! I love that animation so m u c h, bring it back pls ! ;(
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