It was all a joke

You see I trolled the mods a little to see if they would take down something. If you are wondering what it was for it was because I posted a thread called "Anyone wanna see my d!ck pic?" and proceeded to post a picture of the Peanut Worm which is a fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean near Australia if I recall right. I managed to get it take down for violating the Boards Universal Rule of No Mature Content which includes Pornographic materials of any kind Real life depictions of gore, death, horifically violent acts, etc Content that represents sexually explicit acts Direct links to pictures or artist webpages that feature NSFW material By posting a picture of a fish which is real btw and definitely proof that God/s,Nature,Evolution,Myself,and/or some combination of the above got bored. I'm sorry mods for I was messing you or thank you to the mod who read the comment I left saying I wanted the thread taken down since I wanted a good laugh. Also yes fish be weird. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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