Unidentified Champ used in Gangplanks (and Lee sins) champ page... Help?

So looking at my buddy gangplank I went through his abilities to refresh and after having now played for a good month I'd like to think I can identify most if not all the champions. But when looking at his W ability I found the champ they used to stun gangplank and show off his oranges is nowhere to be found. So upon investigating the long list of champions I began with what he looked like: -The champion used had a golden armor similar to "Xin Zhao" yet wasn't as bulky, was a mage casting a purple stun ability that caused a spike like prison to surround gangplank. Along with that, there was a symbol upon his back and a bluebird on his left shoulder. So after investigating I could only think of Swain, but he's dark and not colorful and despite him having ravens none sit upon his shoulder or even show up outside of his abilities. He also has a sort of blindfold over his face visible after the video finishes but lee sin doesn't have such abilities or a bird either. The character also wields a staff in his right hand. -Speaking of Lee sin he shows up to demonstrate Lee Sins passive as well. (Wow, how can I not find this guy?) -So any ideas?
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