I played Ryze today

Ryze gets his first big power spike 30 minutes into the game. Games last 25 minutes so that means Ryze gets -5 minutes of actual gameplay. If you like farming and getting ganked a lot, but being unable to do anything against it, Ryze is the champion for you. Please remember this isn't pro play, and you're most likely to feed your ass off before the 15 minute mark. When you picked Ryze, you forgot this dorky blue man is actually the second-coming of Azir, AKA his equally useless twin. Hopefully, you realized your mistake as soon as you misclicked Ryze in champion select, and dodged the game immediately. If you're somehow insane enough to actually lock him in on purpose, you better hope that 0/9 Mundo mid from your last game shows up again... The balance team doesn't delete champions, nor do they tend to make meaningful changes unless said champion is receiving a skin or rework. So, just remember to wait until Riot rolls out the Ryze rework concept #280, attempt #59 or when he recieves his brand new $100 golden star guardian prestige skin to pick this pathetic smurf boy. Hope you learned something new today. {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}}
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