Why the usual PAX argument is terrible.

This will probably be my final thread on the subject unless something else comes up. Personally, I am very sick of the same people making the same threads using the same, terrible arguments over and over again and not replying to my posts because they know I'm right so in this thread I will be laying out their usual arguments and why they are wrong for all to read that is also presented in a more easily digestible format. ------------------------ {{champion:103}} Are gendered locker rooms sexist? Should we all share the same bathrooms? {{champion:12}} No, because they provide locker rooms for each. Now, if you provided a female locker room and DIDN'T provide a male one, it would be. So tell me, where was Riot's male locker room? {{champion:103}} That doesn't matter. Gendered restrooms are still sexist by definition. It is YOU who doesn't get it. >sexist - relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or **discrimination**, typically against women, on the basis of sex. >discrimination - the unjust or **prejudicial **treatment of different categories of people or things >prejudice - preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. {{champion:103}} Did you know there are women-only gyms? No one complains abut them. No male is offended and wants to open male-only gyms. Why? Because they are mature enough to understand it's not a big deal. The only reason you are upset is that the PAX event involves your little manbaby hobby. {{champion:103}} Thinking like this just perpetuates the male-dominated industry and "broculture" that is videogames. You only look at the surface of an issue instead of looking deeply at it. {{champion:103}} Males have no problem entering the videogame industry, they created it after all. Women and nonbinaries DO have problems and need MORE help. Women and nonbinaries are more likely to attend if it's a women and non-binary only event. You act like men are suffering and being negatively harmed by not being allowed at the event when all the evidence shows that that is clearly UNTRUE as they make up the overwhelming majority of the industry. {{champion:12}} BuT iT iS sEpErAtE wHiCh MeAnS iT iS sExIsM i WaNt My OwN rOoM eVeN tHoUgH i DoN't NeEd OnE {{champion:103}} ***facepalms***
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