If Rito(Riot) decided to make a movie where would they start?

Story of League of Legends Explained
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After watching Necrit, League of Legends' Lore Fanatic, I came across one of his videos (The one above). He talked about where a new player could start when reading the lore. I figured if Riot where to try and make a movie they'd want to start on the modern part, cause that's where all the actions at. But then I realised that the actions caused in the modern part of the law, is based on its past. There is also a thought of which faction of Runeterra will they start. Will it be Mount Targon, cause somehow everything revovles around there (talking about the celestials). Or will they start with Noxus. A war hungry faction who has beef with almost everybody. Even Bandle City seems like a good place to start. **If Rito decides to make a movie, I have an idea. Like Marvel with the end credits, Rito could introduce a new champ** I don't want to create an aggressive discussion and I'd like to know everybody's opinion. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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