Un-ironic Kled Build Theory crafting

Pretty much the point of this build is to go balls deep when you need to carry. Final Build and order First,{{item:3077}} Second,{{item:3812}} Third,{{item:3109}} Fourth or Fifth,{{item:3050}}/{{item:3193}} Boots,{{item:3047}} {{item:3111}}, or {{item:3009}} vs. like a Nasus or something Finally,{{item:3748}} Pretty much the purpose of this build is if you are being hard focused and have a longer range carry, build is suited best for things such as fed {{champion:63}} farmed but not fed {{champion:67}}, or a fed {{champion:120}} and an {{champion:22}} doing okay. Pretty much teamfighting being so important in this meta you generally get hard focused and should pass the baton over to the player that can do things better. You dive in with impunity along with your whole team with ult, the buffs on your allies all helping, Zeke's damage boost, Knights Vow peel, as you heal all damage, then pop stone plate upon dismount, being near 100% impossible to burst down with ally healing for KV, deaths dance damage reduction, etc. It happens that Deaths Dance AD keeps your damage moderate while building all this weird shit.
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