Why does Ekko get a free "revive" but Aatrox can't?

How is it fair that Ekko gets a free reset, but Aatrox doesn't? Sure, Aatrox got some damage and increased healing, along with the revive. But Ekko gets the revive and some damage. I don't see how one is so much more problematic than the other that Aatrox's had to be removed while Ekko has his on a 30 second cooldown, but Aatrox's is at 48 seconds (assuming 40% CDR). Not only that, but Aatrox at least had to get a kill in order for his revive to be triggered. How is it fair that Aatrox has his revive taken out while Ekko gets pretty much the same thing on a 18 second lower cooldown?
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