This game balance is waste. Quinn is just bad.

{{champion:133}} I had hot streak for 3 games then i lost and then I had hot streak again and we know how it works. You get angry take a break for hour and then you play again and you enjoy. Suddenly someone picks {{champion:133}} . This champion is reason why I will never ever play this game. My jungler camped her hard as she was 1/3 she just got fed very easily since i guess riot never ever thought to nerf this ugly bch. I just felt that I waste time playing game when champions like this exist. We lost because she just killed people since you can't get her cause she makes you blind and crits half of your hp then flies away. This is just disgusting and I am done playing this game. I won't ban her every game because I ban champion based on team comp. Whoever made this should be fired. just fuck this. It's not even skill match up to play against it's just bad. Disgusting instead of releasing new champions would be better to nerf this disgusting thing. Just get this shit out of here.
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