Riot's Ethics

Its been years since Riot started out as a gaming company made "by gamers for gamers" and now its gotten to the point where I feel its about as far from that as possible and its pretty blatant as well. As of lately i've felt its become more and more obvious with things like buffing champions specifically so they will be played in worlds and wanted to see other peoples thoughts on the matter. If you agree please upvote and comment problems you see below. If you disagree please comment as well saying why so we can all discuss. If a lot of people agree theres a problem with riot's (decisions? character? not sure what the right word is) id like to get some pressure behind this and see changes so we can all enjoy the game more. I also added poll so agree/disagree could be visible as well as adding an other choice if people felt i phrased this wrong or anything like that. EDIT: please feel free to share/link this so more people can vote and comment thank you!
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