^TITLE FUCK ME DEAD, how many games do I have to lose because people won't communicate either with pings or with comms. When I say "Amumu needs to initiate with Q -> R and Illaoi follow up with R, GG we win every team fight" I shouldn't be greeted with silence. I shouldn't have to play a game with literal mutes who refuse to communicate in ranked, who do whatever they want without punishment. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. I remember "refusing to communicate" was a reportable offense, and bannable I believe if you got enough reports. Can we PLEASE bring this back. PLEASE. I'm sick of it. I'm so fucking sick of it. Literally demoted AGAIN for the 7th time due to almost exclusively THIS problem. LACK OF COMMUNICATION. I see jungler going bot through river? I ping two emergency pings, first from my lane then bot lane. If I say "Come on guys, we need to group" people not only ignore me, but also run into the woods and get baited into a 1v3 and feed even harder. There needs to be more report options. Riot needs to give us back "unskilled" as an option, riot needs to bring back "refused to communicate", and Riot needs to create an option to report afk junglers. LITERALLY NO OTHER ROLE IN THE GAME would be able to get away with the shit junglers do for whatever reason. AFKing and turning the game into a 4v5 should be BANNABLE. STOP. I WANT THE OLD TYRANT RIOT BACK. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO REPORT ASSHOLES, IDIOTS AND MUTES. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE MORONS WHO DON'T COMMUNICATE BANNED FROM MY RANKED GAMES.
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