I gave MadLife a piano lesson today (short story)

I met MadLife at the All Stars 2016 afterparty where I played with Pentakill. He was sitting alone, I said hi and showed him a shoelace trick. He called me 선생님 "teacher" since that day as a joke. MadLife was one of the most humble and friendliest pro players I met, at that party and to this day. This week, 2,5 years later, I came to Korea and DM'ed him on Twitter. We met, had Korean BBQ, went to a PC Bang and duo queued together (it was a bit embarrassing but I supported him. He went 15/0 as Jhin). Today, on the last day before going back to the US, I became a teacher once again and gave him his first piano lesson. We only had 50 min, but I showed him part of one of his favorite pieces, the theme from Howl's Moving Castle. Here's a short video he posted aterwards [https://twitter.com/JoeAtlan/status/1105084971197227009](https://twitter.com/JoeAtlan/status/1105084971197227009) And that's all, I just wanted to share this small story of how I got this incredible privilege and honor. I'll always thank Riot for not just the opportunity to play in Pentakill, but for all the other chances that came from there, in particular this valuable friendship. Thanks for reading if you did :) {{sticker:sona-playing}} -J

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