If there was a League of Legends fighting game...

**Who would you want on launch?** _(Or at least a beta/alpha.)_ Lets say there's like... 20 characters on launch. There's about over 140 champions to choose from! Who would you want the most out of everyone in the game? **EDIT:** Gotta give myself at least SOME credit. I may not be an indie dev, but I sure as hell love to see some cool shit. Could you imagine a fighting game with Vi as a playable character? Shit dude I even made an animation about Vi n' Blitzcrank beating a sandbag up. https://youtu.be/dQho5kogGHE?t=2 I'd love to see them in a different perspective than top down game play. I always see folk ask _"who would be in lol fight game comment down below also subscribe to patreon im broke"_ but I'd like to see some actual statistics. **Fav Character Polls** I made a lot of straw polls with every character in the game. It's all in alphabetical order, includes every character in the game(hopefully), _and I pray to god I didn't misspell anyone's name and get ridicule for it_ **:^)**. Oh yeah, you can make multiple votes as well, so have at it. Part 1: https://www.strawpoll.me/16815047 Part 2: https://www.strawpoll.me/16815048 Part 3: https://www.strawpoll.me/16815049 Part 4: https://www.strawpoll.me/16815050 Part 5: https://www.strawpoll.me/16815051 **What style of game play would you prefer?** https://www.strawpoll.me/16815070 **1v1 - **Basic fighter formula. Go toe to toe with one singular. **2v2 -** Like BBTAG and MvC:I, we have 1 fighter on the screen and a secondary character to swap with or call out and use assists. **2v2 (w/ Special Partners) -** Take the approach of Marvel vs. Capcom 1. You choose two characters, and a 3rd partner that exists solely to do assist moves. _Example:_ [[Link]](https://youtu.be/2DAUlXm9FKY?t=104) **3v3 - **Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Dragon Ball FighterZ. Like the 2v2 option, but there's 3 characters which makes it hella more chaotic n crazy. **3v3 (SNK) - **You select 3 characters and have simple 1 on 1 matches. Whoever wins goes into the next round and fights the 2nd character on their opponents list of characters while having all the missing health from the 1st battle. **Skullgirls Syndrome - **Basically, Skullgirls took the MvC3 approach where you can choose a 3v3 team, or you could be a bit more ballsy and have 2 or 1 character(s.) Of course, depending on how many characters you've chosen your health/damage scales so it's not incredibly one sided. If I had a say, i'd vote for a 2 v 2 with special partners. That way there could be appearances of other characters who could potentially become actual characters sooner or later down the line. With the existing Special Partner(s) they could just pick up the model/animations and get to developing a move set instead of starting from scratch(not implying they make 140 assists to choose from on launch. Oh _god_ no that'd be hell for development time. LMAO) Characters/Assists could be released in bundles, skins would be easy(ish) to add with 2.5D graphics, Idk man. I love the concept of a Darius assist where he uses his E to snag his opponents towards his partner. _(Brain dump stuff that doesn't offer much to the table. Unorganized thoughts, personal opinions, and criticisms)_ Honestly I would love to see league of legends expand itself farther than it's Moba genre. It feels so... Idunno. Stuck. Wasted potential. Sure, we'll get fucking awesome game modes like Odyssey n stuff! But once those rotations are gone, then what? A temporary game mode that'll come back a year or two later? That sounds... unfair. Idk if I enjoy a _game_ that's given to me then it gets taken away, I get some mixed feelings. Sure if it's something like the Halloween game modes sure, I can mess with that. It's a holiday and those come n' go. I feel taking the League universe into a new angle with a whole new different type of game--A fighting game--would help expand horizons and bring in a new audience, opportunities, and make the franchise more popular. I'd love to see unique characters like Syndra, Yasuo, Darius, Blitzcrank_--you get it-_-taken into a new game genre. Experiencing a characters in a completely different angle while also having the usual league spirit. ~~But what would I know. I'm just Gold 2.~~ {{sticker:sg-poppy}} Anyways sorry if I wasted your time with my monologue, back on the main topic. **What's your fav top 20 characters of leg of leagueings? Want to see the league universe taken into a new game genre? What would you like to see from RiotGames outside of the Moba genre? Like comment subscribe to my Myspace thx** {{champion:122}} **Btw Still waiting on yall to announce something with the Rising Thunder dev's, Riot games. **{{champion:122}} _(Sorry for reposting. Someone suggested I take the post into "general-discussion" rather than "Ask the Community" since folks are more lively here. Feel free to delete thread if it's against the rules or somethin')_
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