Can We Seriously Nerf Ahri

So, I just got out of a ranked game. Going against a Glacial Augment Ahri on MidLane. It’s completely stupid how a champ can slow, then dmg you for 3.2 seconds while u beg for help. Ahri’s nerfs were useless. She can literally wait for her ult, then engage. Her E needs to be nerfed somehow. It’s absolute bs, for how long it charms. One charm equals 1 death at this point, because she can delete like half of your health, or more. Don’t say anything about sidestepping when you can’t sidestep when slowed. Even with Tenacity, and mr, she still does half of my health with no Magic Penetration. Seriously, Riot needs to really nerf her, as she still holds an oppressive midlane. At least revert her E. If not, please give me some advice for going against an Ahri!
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