Is Gold division the new bronze?

I swear, I went from Iron to Silver 2 and the games are getting worst and worst. Most of enemy team is in Gold 3, Gold 2, and Plat. And I can tell you, those games are horrible. Enemy team is horrible and my team is horrible. Is literally battle of the horrible teams. The team that is less horrible wins. Even in Iron they ward and control ward and use the sweeper. As you climb higher into Gold, they don't even know wtf a control ward is. I swear, almost every game I go into, half of them, don't even bring flash. Is Gold the new Bronze or some shit? Why the hell are the games getting worst and worst in quality as you climb higher? Is this some sort of joke. What I mean is.. The reason I'm climbing is because I WANT TO PLAY QUALITY GAMES. I want to play challenging games were there are damn good team fights, solo lanes, etc... And this is just not what I expected. How far do I have to climb to start seeing some quality games.
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