As a Zed main I won't mind a rework

I think a Zed rework would be so cool. At the very least, hopefully it would stop the boards from crying and everyone banning the champion. I would keep his q, w and R pretty much the same. I feel like those spells are what make Zed, Zed. The shadow swapping and mobility are the defining characteristics of Zed. I would however rework his E and his passive. I feel like they are pretty boring and uninspired. Doesn't necessarily have to be damage spells but I do think they can come up with some cool things that would make Zed maybe more skillful to play. Aside from a rework, in my personal opinion I feel like Zed is in a good spot atm and any nerfs won't stop the boards from whining about Zed unless Zed is left in a incredibly weak spot. And from that point of view, I believe a Zed rework is the best thing for everyone.
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