Hi, Hello I am new to the forum. but i have decited just to come and write a post about recent changes in pykes R. lets get straight into the point, why did Riot decited to give pyke 2x gold for each kill ? reciving 600 gold just for 1 kill its a bit to much, and dont get me wrong im Pyke main 460 k, aending the game with twices much gold as your team mates got a bit boring now, also being able to get full items before 30 min ? as supprot ? i think taking the 50% dmg off was a huge mistake from Riot as a good pyke players were able to pull of multiple r's if they went into the fight in the right time. Riot decited to take away the skill that pyke p;auers were traning, and give us a 600gold for 1 kill.
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