Why I think league of legends is the most frustrating game I've ever played

Been thinking about it a lot. Why this game is different than any other game. Why this game makes me more frustrated than any game I've ever played. Why it brings out the literal worst side of me that I didn't even know I had. I think it's because if you take the very best professional LoL player and put him in silver, he won't win 100% of the games. He will win a lot. But I know for a fact he will absolutely lose some. Which means that it's not fully about your own skill. It's also about luck. And it's not just because its a team game either. Take basketball for example. The best professional basket players could EASILY win playing on ANY highschool team. It's a team game but it would make no difference how terrible their team is. They will win every single time. It's a pure skill sport. That's what makes league of legends more frustrating than any other game I've ever played: Your own personal rank is not always up to you. Yet I spend hours and hours playing for years and years. So I'm emotionally invested in this thing that I work on all the time. Like a hobby or building a boat in the garage. _Except sometimes I have to just sit there and personally watch some random dude off the street come into my garage and just drill a hole in the bottom. _ When you stomp your lane, roam all over the map getting kills for other lanes but have people running around intentionally feeding, griefing each other, and AFKing resulting in a loss... There's nothing you can learn from it. There's nothing you could have done any differently to win the game. _There is nothing except accepting the fact that sometimes you are just going to lose no matter what you do or how good you play._ And because of that, your hard earned LP is taken away. The 55-minute epic game you just played where it was a competitive battle back and forth the whole time then you flashed in to catch someone and make the game-winning play... is ripped away and made useless in 5 minutes of the next game because of other people. That is why league of legends is the most toxic group of people. People are hurt all the time. 9 times out of 10 when I'm at my most toxic, it's coming off of multiple games in a row with AFKs, intentional feeders, demotion after 1 game at 0 points or losing streak. Yes to be fair if you are good at the game and you play enough games, you'll probably climb eventually. But what kind of a journey are we looking at here? Not a very pleasant one I'll tell you that.
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