A game that's no longer enjoyable

I'm not the first, and I definitely won't be the last. I've started playing the game after {{champion:134}} 's release (which later turned out to be my main :P). My friends recommended me this game, we had so much fun. I made new friends in League that turned out to be true friends (still in touch even outside LoL). Now to my point factor by factor. Riot Games has changed the games path to a pathetic direction and I don't like it. This game feels like it's starting to fall apart. The removal of certain modes Dominion, TT and basically NB. You can't enjoy your games, even if you play intense games that turn out a victory (comebacks). Whenever you play League you get infected with this toxic amount of stress, because of new reworks/champs that wanna make you quit the game. Meta champs getting skins because money, you have to wait years for X champ skin (looking at Rek'Sai). Riot not listening to community etc. Riot is ripping the fun factor. My point being here is that the game is dying, for the community's sake I hope another worthy company buys the game because this game is NOT the game I fell in love with during my "early" days with League of Legends. I literally did not play the game for months (started couple weeks ago again), but now I think I'm gonna delete the game and never set my sight to it ever again. - // D4ziri signing out, permanently.
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