Banned for MMR Boosting, k rito

Apparently I got banned/suspended for 14 days for "MMR Boosting", I litterally managed to climb from Bronze II to Diamond V in one season, with over 1100 games, and this is what I deserve I guess, getting better and climbing means being boosted according to this, I'll admit I'm tilted af right now, I sometimes visited grandparents who live in Toronto and I brought my laptop to play some league but I think Rito thinks my grandpa is a challenger who boosted me to Diamond V, I send a ticket, still waiting for an answer. I have 4 smurf accounts that are in Plat V, IV, V and one in LAN that is Diamond V and I did all this by myself hard work and one tricking Master Yi, but no my main account got boosted apparently, yeah maybe all my smurfs got boosted too right? Maybe what's the point of being alive if we're gonna die anyways right? I don't care about the 14 days, I think I can make it through even tho I recently got Blood Lord Vladimir (Needs an update plz) and was excited to use it, but what makes me tilt is the fact that Rito will take away my Diamond V season rewards, so all these games all this time put in this game, since season II, is a big waste of my time, all the guides watched, watching LS, Cowsep etc. Whats the point of it all right? I'm not asking to be unbanned or anything even though I should, why do I have to lose the rewards I earned too, that beautiful Diamond V border, yeah thats basically it, Icon is ok, Graves skin decent, Honor Level 2 so, the border is all I live for honestly, I wouldn't have been suprised if I was suspended for being toxic, because I have earned myself a chat restriction and suspension on one for my smurfs for being extremely toxic, but MMR Boosting? Come one Rito, NotLikeThis, is there anything I could do to prove my innocence? Anything I should answer? At least let me know. Also whoever's reading this, tell me your thoughts. This is my story right now, and I hope for the best. Soulburner {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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