So I haven't go out with my family in almost 2 years

(Our family has three females and one male ((me)) Right now I am in college and because of some family issues in the past I stopped going out with my family or even seeing them despite living in the same house I stay inside my room all the time even with big events like Christmas I never sit down and talk to them Today We had special family guest my dad works in foreign countries haven't seen him in almost 7 years he told me I must come this time We went out to dinner At first they told me take picture for us and didn't include me in it even after i took it When I came to sit down my older sister said don't sit near me please you smell like shit(because I was waiting for my dad for almost 45 min in the sun at the airport) When I sat down my younger other old sister told me that I've changed and rage so often (I screamed at my young sister because she almost closed the car door at herself) It literally broke my heart and i left as soon as I heard that and took an uber back to my damn room
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