Steps on when to blame your jungler in bronze.

Hello! Just wanted to summarize and give a guide on when and how to blame your jungle for all the mistakes you make in lane! First we will start with top lane! Scenario: Did you ward your bush? No. Or Did your ward expire and are you pushing? Yes. Is your jungler top side? No. Do you have any idea where the enemy jungler is? No? Have you communicated at all with your jungler? No. Did you get ganked and die? Yes. Perfect scenario. Here it is clearly and unequivocally your junglers fault and you should immediately proceed to announce your displeasure in chat about how he wasn’t there and cost you the ENTIRE rest of the game from your simple mistake. Also it is VERY IMPORTANT to Announce your intent to feed to cover the fact you may die multiple more times just to protect your ego as well. We don’t want people you’ll likley never play with again to think your bad so this sure fire plan will cover any mistakes you make and protect your reputation to ensure TSM will one day recognize your ability as an amazing top lamer. Laner* For a real good conversation Rinse and repeat this multiple times so 18mins into the game you can remind and continue to announce your displeasure and remind everyone that your playing bad is directly related to how your jungler was never there and continue to flame him. Sincerely every jungler who gets flamed “for not being there” at a time when it’s was indeed likley and impossible for us to be there. Disclaimer: this is meant to be funny for anyone who has experienced this type of toxicness. ndeed this is not how to act. Be nice. Be kind. Be patient and understanding. Not every game will start perfect and will not always start with you getting a huge lead. Your attitude and postivivey will directly reflect a possibility of a comeback tho!!
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