Why does gnar have more skins than kass?

Gnar literally has more skins than kassadin and gnar was released in 2014 if i am not mistaken, this means that riot doesnt be fair with what champions get what. Kassadin isnt the only character that has this problem, illoai was released the same year as gnar an has only gotten 2 skins within a 3 year span and almost 4, both of the skins being "ok" but not worth their prices. But dont worry, the amount of skins isnt the problem either its the quality, I understand the time and thought it takes to work on a skin and not everything can be adressed but seriously? Why does urgot only have 4 skins and only having 2 that are decent. Urgot has been out for 8 YEARS, and only has 4 skins, yet gnar gets more than 1 per year and annie has so many skins that its higher than my IQ, which is minimal Please riot just give skins to the small fan base of kassadin or urgot and illoai. Love your dearest %%%%%%, Frost
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