So riot them twisted treeline rewards..... what the hell? So for those who didn't see this here you go. So I am bit steamed at the moment cause of this . {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Like I get that there no way to change riot mind on this but like for real!? Couldn't even pitch in better rewards. If you want a quick summary of the rewards it breaks down like this 10 games of TT =icon 50 games of TT= Icon+emote 100 games of TT = Icon+Emote+"Exclusive"Icon So we getting 2 icons and one lousy emote as "thank you for playing TT" Like why not give a skin to remember it by or like a amazing Chroma for some champs from shadow isles. Like give the player to vote what champ get skin from there. But as if they gonna do that cause TFT is more important cause it what hot and that are attracting them other people. like to give a idea what it feels like. it feels like fortnite where when it was releasing it was gonna be save the world type of deal base builder game then when pubg brought back Battle royales they hopped on it and forgot about their current game and the goal of it as it became more focus on battle royale. Like same thing happen here with TFT saw dota make a hot game using auto chess so they hopped on the idea.. But overall Please Riot give us something to remember this by rather then icons that can be earned by chest give it something special as this is the 10th anniversary of the game the 10th anniversary for Twisted treeline but soon to be it last. RIP TT brought alot fun and attracted most of it players. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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